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Campaigns That
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Case Study

150.39% More Visitors and a 450% Increase in Sales: The Flower Studio

The Flower Studio is a local, full-service boutique floral studio launched by an exceptional alumnus of NCA. The online studio offered competitive pricing, exceptional luxury retail bouquets, and floral arrangements for weddings and events. 

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Case Study

Monthly Organic Traffic Peaked to 106k – Worth 50 Lacs:

AutoStore.PK stands as a stalwart in the automobile parts and accessories industry in Pakistan, with a rich heritage spanning three generations. This online store is a repository of over 6000 high-quality car parts and accessories. Since its collaboration with Black Loup’s team, AutoStore.PK has become a digital revenue-making giant.

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No Fluff, Just Performance

Our full-funnel approach works like a GPS, guiding your customers from initial attraction to nurturing, all the way to conversion. The clincher? Your investment is secure—you only pay the platforms when the campaigns actually cross those marketing finish lines.

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Campaigns Designed for Conversions

Top of the Funnel


  • Campaign Objective: Brand Awareness, Reach
  • Content Types: Educational, Lead Magnets
  • Campaign Execution: Targeted Ads, Sponsored Stories, Video ads, Search Ads with Question-Based Keywords
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Campaigns Designed for Conversions

Middle of the Funnel


  • Campaign Objective: Engagement, Lead Generation
  • Content Types: Case Studies, Demos, Interactive Content
  • Campaign Execution: Retargeting Ads, Email Marketing, CTA-Focused Content
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Campaigns Designed for Conversions

Bottom of the Funnel


  • Campaign Objective: Conversions, Customer Retention
  • Content Types: Special Offers, Customer Reviews, Product Comparisons
  • Campaign Execution: Conversion-Optimized Landing Pages, Remarketing Campaigns, Display Ads with High-Intent Keyword
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Campaigns Designed for Conversions


  • Responsive Support: Solutions for sustained success.
  • Exclusive Perks: Special offers for valued clients.
  • Loyalty Programs: Incentives for their ongoing engagement.
  • Personalized Communication: Interactions tailored to their preferences.
  • Continued Education: Ongoing insights
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Campaigns Designed for Conversions


  • Success Sharing: Clients become vocal endorsers.
  • Community Influence: Engaged clients strengthen your brand's community.
  • Collaborative Feedback: Client insights contribute to your brand's evolution.


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